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Ukraine Signs Agreement With European Union

Ukraine Signs Agreement With European Union
Photo by Antoine Antoniol/Getty Images

Ukrainian President Poroshenko signed a trade agreement with the European Union bringing his country closer to the west. Now, if you think back to the fall of last year this is what initially started all the unrest in the region. Former Ukrainian President Yanuknovych wanted to do the same thing but was talked out of it by Russian President Putin. If you look at this it was Putin who didn't want the Ukraine leaning toward the west but still wanted them under Russian influence.

When Yanuknovych didn't sign many Ukrainians took to the streets and riots took place. This led to the staged activity in the Crimea which led to Russian troops on the Ukrainian border to finally the Crimea going back to Russian control and the Motherland.

So who are the winners in all this nonsense. Russia has sanctions levied against it by the United States and the European Union Russia received the Crimea back into the fold which has large resources in oil and minerals. The Russian military stirred up the portion if Eastern Ukraine and now has no real control over the separatists.

On the Ukrainian side they lost the Crimea. They are fighting a civil war if sorts with Separatists in the Eastern Ukraine who right now are under a cease fire of sorts. They have a new president who seems to be able to put Russian President Putin in his place They do have that trade agreement that they wanted all along. So has anyone won?

On paper you would have to say Russian and President Putin have won. Here's why. Several years ago a study was done on the Black Sea and possible oil deposits. The highest area reported was along the Crimean Coast. The area we are talking about goes out some two hundred miles into the Black Sea and all along the Crimean shoreline. This is a very large tract of land sea and if the oil is found like it is said to be we are talking trillions of dollars of revenue to Russia. Russia will still be able to dictate to the Ukraine as well as Europe since both are reliant to Russia for oil and gas. Putin wins.

Putin has all along stated that if the Ukraine signs any trade agreement with Europe that repercussions would follow. So once again the ball is in the Russian side and the world awaits the outcome. More to come I'm sure.