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Ukraine: Pro-Russian militants seize Luhansk government buildings

The situation in eastern Ukraine is worsening as pro-Russian forces continue to use military force to take over government buildings. According to news reports today, the city of Luhansk had a “regional administration building” taken over, and workers were denied access because it was surrounded by coiled barbed wire and armed militants. In light of these new advances, will Washington go beyond placing heavy sanctions on Russia?

Pro-Russian militants occupy Ukrainian government buildings
Photo by Scott Olson

In spite of tougher sanctions and international agreements that compel them to demilitarize and demobilize, the occupation groups continue maliciously capturing buildings and offices throughout the country.

Russia supplies EU with most of its “oil and gas supplies”, according to a report by the Boston Herald, which could explain why the EU has not been as forceful with their sanctions as the Americans have been. The EU did announce that more than a dozen Russian officials were added to the sanctions list, in hopes to force them to speak with their leaders to cease terrorist-like occupations in Ukraine.

The US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, told reporters at a briefing encouraging Ukrainian officials to avoid violence when dealing with the pro- Russian militants. But Pyatt did state the minute it’s verified that Russian military crosses over the Ukraine border; “inevitable, sharp reaction” should be expected from the United States.

At a quick inside press brief, according to CNN a man who said he was a press secretary, Oleg Desyatnichenko, told reporters their administration buildings were given an “ultimatum” over the weekend because Pro-Russian activists want further self-rule. Obviously these activists have no idea how to peacefully seek independence, instead they continue to terrorize a peaceful country, literally holding Ukrainians hostage in their own country, and expect the Ukraine government to give them more “autonomy”.

But one thing has been made clear throughout the Russian uprising, the U.S. has been adamant to not seek military actions -- hoping that tougher sanctions will get leaders to de-escalate the militant-style rampage happening in Ukraine.

In a speech held yesterday, John Kerry said regardless how Russia reacts, America with “our allies” will band together to help out Ukraine, against pro-Russian militants, according to a news report by Reuters.

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