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Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych ousted by Parliament but refuses to leave

Viktor Yanukovich, President of Ukraine

Viktor Yanukovych, the president of Ukraine, has been voted out by the country’s parliament on Saturday. The incident happened just one day after Vitali Klitschko represented the opposition while the European Union helped Yanukovych and opponents to come to a peace agreement, according to a Inquisitr report on Saturday.

Yet, after the vote on Saturday, Yanukovych asserted in a televised statement that he was not going to leave office of the country as the opposition has wanted. He went on to say that today’s actions were a coup, and that he did everything to prevent the bloodshed. He said that his government did everything to stabilize the political situation – “but it happened the way it happened.”

In spite of the president refusing to step down voluntarily, it will reportedly be extremely hard for him to maintain or regain power since the European Union is involved and many of the president’s party are resigning. Beyond that, the Parliament in Ukraine has set elections to begin on May 25, 2014 to replace Yanukovych.

Additionally, on Saturday, former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was released from prison. After her release, she said, “Today Ukraine has finished with this terrible dictator, Mr. Yanukovych,” before a crowd of thousands in Kiev’s Independence Square where bloody and deadly demonstrations have taken place recently.

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