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Ukraine military action impossible - Not so in Venezuela unrest

Venezuela is not the Ukraine
Venezuela is not the Ukraine
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The grave situation in Ukraine has the United States and its allies virtually handcuffed due to its geography, Russia’s sphere of influence and the apathy of the West.

That should not be the case in our own hemisphere where America still carries a big stick. Florida Gov. Rick Scott has repeated his calls for the Obama administration to consider sanctions against the Venezuelan government, sending the president a letter outlining his position.

Last Friday, the Republican governor reiterated that he had requested the same action at the National Governors Association meeting in Washington D.C., The Miami Herald reported.

Scott demanded Wednesday in a letter to President Obama, "We must target regime officials with sanctions, such as freezing the bank accounts of President Nicolas Maduro and his gang and revoking the U.S. visas of anyone involved in attacking peaceful demonstrators. We must stand squarely for liberty and democracy and against the forces of oppression and tyranny. It is also my hope that you will use all diplomatic measures to denounce the unjust arrest and treatment of the peaceful pro-democracy leader Leopoldo López."

Not unlike his actions concerning the Ukraine crisis, the president called upon Venezuela to release protesters detained in anti-government demonstrations that turned violent and address the "legitimate grievances" of its people.

Experts say it is “highly doubtful” such words from the hemisphere’s superpower will do anything.

The U.S. government has gone tit for tat with the Venezuelan government expelling three diplomats Tuesday after a a similar move from Maduro, who kicked American consulate officials out, The Hill reported.

Will President Obama continue to “pressure” Venezuela with words, or will some sort of coalition of allies form a military response?

Unlike Ukraine, Venezuela is virtually at America’s doorstep.

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