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Ukraine bans some Russian food products

People in the Ukraine capitol of Kiev march.
People in the Ukraine capitol of Kiev march.
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

In response to Russia taking over the Crimea peninsula, Ukraine has voted to temporarily ban seven Russian food companies from selling some of their products in the country.

According to Reuters on April 2, trade relations between Russia and Ukraine have already been rocky in recent years, with Moscow banning certain goods, such as cheese, produced in the Ukraine.

Ukraine's consumer protection watchdog explained the ban in a written statement that said:

"As of today, (we) are taking appropriate measures to remove from shops and major retailers ... Russian products which were delivered with violations."

The list of banned Russian products include chocolate producer Red October, two fish companies and one cheese producer, in which the consumer watchdog said had broken product labeling rules and other possible broken regulations.

In response, Russian authorities halted confectionery imports from Ukraine's Roshen, in which that country is citing health concerns, and sized a Roshen-owned factory in Russia.

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