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Ukraine and Russia announce ceasefire

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Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko and Russian President Putin have reportedly agreed on a ceasefire between the two. Poroshenko’s press office has not released any details yet of the agreement, except that there is one. The statement, according to the Kyiv Post, states: an agreement was reached on a permanent ceasefire in Donbas. However the Kremlin is already back-peddling.

“Putin, Poroshenko did not agree on ceasefire in Ukraine as Russia not party in conflict, but discussed how to resolve conflict – Kremlin,” tweets RIA Novosti.

Stocks jumped in Russia as news of the ceasefire was made public, tweeted independent correspondent Maxim Eristavi.

The cease fire is for the Donbas region. It does not mention other areas of Ukraine that pro-Russian separatists have taken. Ukraine has been defending itself from the Russian-supported separatists since April.

This is still a developing story.