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UK White House tweet honors War of 1812 destruction: 'Only sparklers this time!'

A UK White House tweet that commemorated the 1814 burning of the executive mansion has aroused ire for its tasteless content. On Aug. 24, 2014, the British Embassy in Washington sent out a tweet that showed an image of a cake constructed to look like the White House.

UK White House tweet honors War of 1812 destruction: 'Only sparklers this time!'
British Embassy/Twitter

The cake was sitting in front of an American flag and the Union Jack. A miniature American flag and Union Jack were stuck into the cake itself. Several lit sparklers were burning atop the caked. The caption for this sparkler-topped confection was "Commemorating the 200th anniversary of burning the White House. Only sparklers this time!"

Although the British Embassy in Washington issued an apology for the tasteless tweet, the embassy did not delete the message. Of course, even if the tweet had been deleted, it would continue to thrive on the Internet.

More than 5,200 people have already retweeted the image along with its accompanying message. More than 2,600 people have marked it as a favorite, and dozens of headlines have sprung up to discuss and condemn the faux pas.

Comments about the UK White House tweet ranged from anger to disbelief.

Twitter user Film Ladd, who describes himself as a "writer, editor, director, 3D animator [and] NOLA expat" wrote, "Good to know the US isn't the only country with a mentally deficient diplomatic corps that doesn't know how to tweet."

Nied's Dead Horse simply asked, "What the h*ll? A commemoration?"

Retired commercial bank loan officer Michael R. Wimberly wrote, "Ever Marvelled [sic] at stupidity or perhaps the tasteless and the jerks well now U have one more marvel to add to the list."

Deputy British ambassador to the United States Patrick Davis had posted a message earlier that said he was marking "the anniversary of burning of the White House with a BBQ," reported FOX News.

The British Embassy in Washington apologized for the UK White House tweet with- what else? -another tweet. "Apologies for earlier Tweet. We meant to mark an event in history & celebrate our strong friendship today."

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