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UK tourists evacuated Kenya: Hundreds forced out due to terrorist threats

Photo by Christena Dowsett/Getty Images

New reports are out that hundreds of UK tourists have been forced out of Kenya. They were there on vacation but things didn't work out due to terrorist threats. On Thursday, ABC News shared about how they were all forced to leave because of safety concerns.

Britain's Foreign Office warned them about it and the travel agencies decided to get them out of there. They are doing all that they can to keep people safe. If people are going to Mombasa Island and the surrounding coastal area, they can only go if they have no choice. If they are just there for a big vacation, they are being told to leave. It is best for them to get out of there and continue to be safe.

This is going to last for a long time. Companies are actually canceling the flights through October to Mombasa. If you were planning a big trip there, consider canceling it because things are not safe and you might not even get to enjoy your vacation. They are doing the right thing by evacuating the UK tourists from Kenya. Hopefully they can all get out and be safe.