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UK singer-songwriter, Paul Curtis

Paul Curtis

UK singer-songwriter, Paul Curtis' musical background is diverse, ranging from brass bands to rock bands. Hailing from Leeds,UK, Paul got his start as a tenor player, playing in brass bands as early as 10 years old. Upon his discovery of rock music, including his major UK influences of Queen,The Kinks, and The Who, Paul convinced his parents to get him a guitar for his 16th birthday. Within a couple of years after teaching himself to play, Curtis started writing songs.

Paul played in a few bands in the mid-90's, which ran their course. He became frustrated with his lack of success in getting a new band off the ground. After seeing Ray Davies on his "Storyteller" tour, Paul decided to go it alone as an acoustic soloist in 2000.

Paul began recording at home in 2004, and his records feature a layering of programmed drums and bass, acoustic and electric guitars,brass, blues harp and vocal harmonies, a nice contrast to his solo performances. Paul's music combines crisp guitar patterns, passionate vocals and creative lyrics to convey a '60's /'70's retro feel to the listener.

Paul's first official release was "Paul's First E.P." in 2010, then followed up by his single,"Change,"and another E.P., "Mercurial Session."Paul has been compared to such diverse, and renowned, acts like The Kinks, Stereophonics, James Morrison, and Phil Collins. Paul is working on his rock opera, Bewilderment, at present. Visit Paul's website @ to purchase/download his recent works.


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