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UK mother allows 8-year-old daughter to write US murderers in prison

UK Mum allows 8-year-old daughter to pen-pal with prisoners
UK Mum allows 8-year-old daughter to pen-pal with prisoners
Jess Davies / Twitter

Julie Paris, a mother of four has shared that she allows her 8-year-old daughter to exchange letters with prisoners who have been convicted of murder. Paris said she’s been writing letters to United States’ prisoners for many years, and has been allowing her daughter to start writing them. In fact, there is a mother-daughter trip planned for them to meet with one of their prison pen-pals.

“I was in care when I was young and I would have been really grateful for the letter,” Paris said.

The Metro confirmed that Paris will take her 8-year-old to New York to “meet a man who murdered his girlfriend 13 years ago.” The mother describes that this teaches her children how to forgive. Um, -- pretty sure there are more than 100 other ways a parent can teach the lesson of forgiveness; rather than letting their children write murderers in prison. Paris said she does create “boundaries” against communicating with certain types of criminals; like not writing to those who have been convicted of rape or people who committed vile acts against minors. A tip to this kind of parenting lesson Paris said, “it’s safer” to write US prisoners versus the United Kingdom, but she didn’t give further details as to why. As soon as this story was published, tweets flew fast and did not hold back on the parenting criticism. A Twitter account under Jamie, tweeted “I never understand adults who indulge in this, but for a parent to allow their child to be part of this is SICK VILE.”

However, the mother believes this is a way to give back to a part of society that has been long forgotten. Paris said a lot of the prisoners committed murder at a young age, and “they need it. Their families have disowned them.” So many people have reacted on Twitter under #TMPrisonPenPals it started trending, but there are a few tweets that don’t bash Paris’s decision. One person, Jess Davies tweeted in the mothers defense, “She’s not a bad parent, she’s teaching her children to not judge! Like you lot all are! they are paying for their crimes.”

The mother said she wouldn’t force her children to write letters to the prisoners if they didn’t want to. She trusts her prison pen-pals writing letters to her 8-year-old daughter because she has been writing to some of them for 6 years, and others as long as 13 years. Would you teach your children forgiveness by allowing them to write to murderers in prison?