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UK fan to keep Championship Tattoo

Tyler Black Stated he will be keeping the tattoo he got several weeks ago.

Many fans were hoping that the University of Kentucky would clench their ninth NCAA Basketball Championship this past Monday when the faced the University of Connecticut. Sadly their dreams were dashed when the Huskies beat the Wildcats 60-54.

Probably no fan was more disappointed than Tyler Austin Black. Mr. Black gained some internet fame several weeks ago when he got a tattoo on his calf predicting the Wildcats ninth championship victory. Like several fans in recent years, he now has a permanent reminder of what might have been. When asked if he may want to get the tattoo removed, he said no. The tattoo would be a reminder of this year's team and part of his life story.

Black still kept a sense of humor of the championship loss. He tweeted a photo of him and his friends in a local gas station after the game in Texas, grabbing some alcoholic beverages to drown their sorrows.

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