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UK considers moving Parliament from London to Manchester, Pole Shift precaution?

Moving would be better for Manchester, better for the country, better in the end for London?
Moving would be better for Manchester, better for the country, better in the end for London?
Various sources

Graham Stringer, Member of Parliament (MP), has called for the seat of England's government to be moved from London to Manchester. The timing and chosen location are interesting. Graham Stringer, MP, says the Palace of Westminster in London is dilapidated and crumbling.

Are Pole Shift precautions in the wind?

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London, the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, is the most populous region, urban zone and metropolitan area in the UK. Unfortunately, London sits only 79 feet (24 meters) above sea level, while Manchester sits about 410 feet (125 meters) above sea level, and what with all those sloshing seas . . .

Perhaps it has something to do with Pole Shift warnings about England, and London in particular, given by the Zetas of ZetaTalk.

The Zetas say that England traditionally fares well during pole shifts due to its underlying rock structures. They say The British Isles in the past have received jolts, to the extent of tumbling some of the Stonehenge stones, and that this Pole Shift will be at least as strong. The Zetas say England and the UK in general should anticipate a permanent drop of 75 feet in elevation due to the pole shift. Their advice is to seek high ground, high mountains. They say that as water seeks its own level, not one coastline in the UK will be unaffected during sloshing of the seas.

The sloshing of seas has already begun in earnest.

  • In January a teenager was swept out to sea while photographing massive waves battering the coast in Devon, England.
  • Also in January on the Irish coast, John Murphy and Jimmy Griffen were checking a road to see if he could get a truck to his mussel factory near Bantry in Co Cork when a massive wave swept them up and, luckily, dumped them a short distance down the road.
  • Again in January, a rogue wave came out of nowhere and swept a motorist into a coastal waterway in Portholland, England. The freak wave swept his van into a flooded waterway. He escaped through a window moments before the vehicle plunged into the sea. Fierce waves then battered the vehicle, smashing the roof down, ripping a door and the bonnet off and rendering it scrap.
  • In February, 10 passengers were rescued in Newgale, Pembrokeshire, after a bus was struck in the front by a large wave along the Welsh coast and surrounded by flood water. This is the second time this year waves hit and damaged this area.
  • Also in February, three neighbours in Portholland narrowly escaped with their lives after thundering waves trapped them inside a house and triggered an electrical fire. Although the windows of the terrace house were boarded up, the huge swell forced its way through the front door and the inner storm door, pushing one of the three across the room and slamming her into the staircase.
  • Again in February, a cruise ship passenger was killed after the 22,000-ton vessel was hit by a freak wave in the English Channel. The large wave hit the side of the ship as passengers were dining in one of the ship's restaurants.Water crashed through a window killing one and injuring a number of the 735 passengers.

There are many more incidents of this type occurring up and down the coastlines of Wales, Spain, France, Ireland, Portugal, and even at sea, capsizing ships and washing cargo containers from their decks.

The Zetas say that crowded, old London will not fare well during the coming Pole Shift. A city crowded with desperate, starving survivors, collapsing buildings and bridges, and plumbing and sewage issues will not be a pleasant place to be in the immediate Aftertime.

Meanwhile, Slinger says "Manchester is in the center of the UK and keeping the legislature in London would be a mistake because . . . it means the center is unbalanced."

He says that putting Parliament in Manchester together with a lot of civil servants would be better for Manchester, better for the country, and better in the end for London.

Sure, it would be better for Parliament to move to Manchester with its 410 ft (125 m) above sea level. But how will it be better for London sitting only 79 ft. (24 m) above all those sloshing seas.


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