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UIndy's Mid-Semester Choral Concert

Women's Chorus
Women's Chorus

Featuring three of the University’s four choral ensembles, tonight’s Mid Semester Choral Concert showcased the best the school’s choirs have to offer. The choirs performed songs in English, Latin, and German; some being derived from bible verses, others from gospel spirituals, and others still were comedic descriptions of what an Englishman is supposed to be.

Roy Samuelsen and the Concert Choir performing Elijah.
Nayt Rundquist

The evening began with the Women’s Chorus. The group began with their renditions of Latin songs Cantate Domino – a variation on Psalm 98, verse 1 – and Benedizione – a prayer from Saint Francis of Assisi. Following these two much more traditional pieces, the women reprised their more current spirituals The Storm is Passing Over by Charles Albert Tindley and Go Where I Send Thee!

Following the Women’s Chorus, the University’s chamber choir, Schola, took the stage. Leading with O süßer Mai (O sweet May) by Johannes Brahms, and following with the English songs My Spirit Sang All Day and Go, Lovely Rose, the group presented a set focusing on the theme of love. The Brahms piece was much more depressing than the other two, speaking of being unable to find ones love. The final piece Schola performed was Gilbert and Sullivan's A British Tar and explained the ideal British man, which included, “And his fist be ever ready for the knock-down blow.”

The final ensemble to perform was the University of Indianapolis Concert Choir. They reprised their performance of Excerpts from Elijah from Monday night’s Faculty Artist Series. Felix Mendelssohn’s classic piece focuses on the stories surrounding the prophet Elijah from the Old Testament. The section performed focused on Elijah’s confrontation with Ahab and the prophets of Baal. For this performance, the role of Elijah was performed by University vocal instructor Roy Samuelsen.

The evening was filled with stellar vocal performances by the University’s choral ensembles. Songs ranged from the serious and sacred to the light-hearted and funny. If you are a fan of choral music, be sure to attend their end of the year concert in April.


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