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UIC faculty are prepared to strike

UIC faculty set for 2-day strike
UIC faculty set for 2-day strike

UIC (the University of Illinois at Chicago) faculty is prepared to strike on Tuesday and Wednesday, which will be the first strike in the university’s history. The two-day strike will cancel hundreds of classes, according to a Chicago Tribune report on Monday.

The faculty’s union has been certified since 2012 but still has not reached a contractual agreement with the university. There reportedly have been dozens of bargaining meetings, but there is still no agreement between the union, which represents approximately 1,150 full-time tenured and non-tenured faculty employees. There have been bargaining sessions during the past three days, but still not resolutions to the conflicts between the faculty’s union and the university.

According to Joseph Persky, the president of UIC United Faculty – the union at UIC – the negotiations have been dragging on almost interminably. He said that he never thought the faculty would get to the point where they would have to strike to get a contract. He says, “It is time to deal with this.” There has been no contract since the union organized in 2012.

Research university strikes are rare.