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Uh-oh! Someone's doin' lines at the Vatican!

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This just has not been Pope Francis's year.

Earlier this month, Bergoglio was served with papers ordering him to appear before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels, to face child trafficking charges.

Now, someone in the Vatican has been caught with his hands in the cokie jar.

The Huffington Post (1) reported yesterday that a shipment of cocaine ear marked for the Vatican was cut off at the pass by German customs officials.

A shipment from South America (wow! that's a surprise!) turned out to be transporting more than just the cushions that it had declared. Leipzig airport officials discovered 12 ounces of cocaine, neatly tucked into 14 condoms (a gift that just keeps on giving).

The package was not addressed to anyone in particular but, rather, was to be delivered to the Vatican post office where it could be picked up by just about anyone.
Strangely enough, no one ever arrived to claim the contents. Vatican police assume that whoever was waiting for the drop was clued in ahead of time and therefore decided it was better to keep his distance.
Not only has this turn of events put a damper on the Vatican's upcoming social plans, but at a street value of tens of thousands of euros, it will most likely have to up its "pagan babies" collections to cover their losses. This may be something that Novus Ordos everywhere may want to consider as they drop their cash in the collection basket next Sunday.
Vatican police have been working in conjunction with German police to catch the culprits and a spokesman said that the investigation, at this time, remains open.