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Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

Another fabulous heart-wrenching tale by Colleen Hoover!
Miles has no room for love--at all. Until he meets Tate—his best-friend's little sister and becomes enthralled by her. Tate meets Miles by peeling him off the hallway floor—not exactly the most endearing quality. Tate’s certain Miles is bad news: a drinker and womanizer. Miles can’t seem to stand her. She thinks. It's hard for Tate to tell. Miles exhibits signs of being interested, but his demeanor is artic cold…until it's suddenly not…
One kiss from Miles is all it takes. Tate’s a goner—she never stood a chance! The first hurdle they face is Tate’s brother and his strict hand-off-my-sister policy. Even though Tate knows that Miles is bad news she can’t help the feelings that build inside of her.
Tate's willing to take any part of Miles she's able to get. Even when she stops lying to herself and knows the danger of playing with fire (or in this case, Miles) she won't stop—she CAN'T stop. Their relationship is almost comfortable, but the days on end Mile’s leaves for work Tate finds herself wanting more. Just how much is she willing to take? Miles pushes and pulls, sets rules and boundaries until he finally pushes Tate too far.
Will Tate give in and be used again? And what the hell is up with Miles to make him incapable of anything but Ugly Love? Tate tries to move on with her life, but the void inside of her is constant. Miles pushes to contain his past, but will he be able to finally move on?
Only one way to find out and I promise you that you won't be sorry!

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