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Ugenti to Lewis, 'Your 15 minutes are over!'

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“The same hammer that breaks glass also forges the strongest steel. And it is not the pounding at the hammer of life that will break you; it is the material you are made of. So, are you glass, District 18, or are you steel?”

Those words echoed through the night sky Friday, as hundreds of voters gathered in support of District 18 Senator, Russell Pearce. The question directed at the residents of Mesa’s LD 18 came from LD 8 Representative Michelle Ugenti.

And that was only the beginning.

One after another colleagues and friends of the Senator, who is facing a tough recall election organized by out of district opposition, stepped to the podium to share their love, gratitude, support, and heart felt thanks to the man that has championed the cause they each hold dear. That cause is liberty.

At a time when loud voices are screaming their disapproval, calm, confident voices sang the truth. Ugenti was followed by LD 8 Representative John Kavanaugh, and even former Congressman Tom Tancredo also joined the stage, and referred to former Governor Janet Napolitano as Janet Incompitano for her inability to tell the truth, much less take action, regarding the state of the Arizona border.

The highlight of the evening was when a young man stood up and talked about his relatives that came across the border with their hearts filled with love for this country.

With a clear strong voice, Rey Torres, president of the Arizona Latino Republican Association, denounced the rumor the leftists so fervently want everyone in America to believe. The message he delivered gave voice to the fact that not all Latinos are plagued with low self-esteem simply because of the color of their skin.

Torres takes great pride in the fact that his group was one of the groups who counter sued the Federal Government in regards to SB 1070. He also informed the audience that Arizona is leading the way for many other states who are beginning to adopt the same type of law as SB 1070.

“We oppose illegal immigration,” Torres stated. “This is not an issue of race. This is not an issue of culture. This is an issue of the law. Because of our love for universal protection under the law we would be remiss if we did not stand up and support Russell Pearce and all others who follow in his footsteps.”

Friday night was also a night of learning as LD 5 Senator Sylvia Allen, Chairman of the Border Security, Federalism and State Sovereignty committee in the Senate offered her knowledge of the immigration battle from a professional stand point. During last year’s session of the legislature, Allen hosted several border security meetings that included members of law enforcement, the military, and other experts in regards to the state of our borders. Allen spoke on the three elements of illegal immigration.

  1. The Cartels- the Cartels who have formed alliances with gangs and Middle Eastern terrorists. (Allen pointed out that the first known terrorist cell was found in Tucson, Az.)
  2. La Raza mentality-the illegals who have been demonstrating at the Capital carrying signs filled with their hate for the United States have not been able to fool Allen into thinking they love our country.
  3. Those immigrants who really do want a better life, but are overshadowed by the criminal factions.

Allen went on to remind LD 18 the only thing we have protecting us is the law. We have nothing standing between us and the cartels but the rule of law. Today that law is SB1070. We have Senator Russell Pearce and the rest of the legislators who voted in favor of this law to thank for loving us enough to protect us, when it has become increasingly clear that the Federal Government will not.

Mr. Lewis, you can keep supporting the Gadianton Robbers and the kingmen. The rest of us will support and keep Senator Russell Pearce right where he is- Senator of District 18.

In the words of Representative Michelle Ugenti, “Jerry Lewis your 15 minutes are over!”