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Uganda: President condemns new anti-gay bill, labels gays as ‘abnormal’

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Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has publicly opposed an anti-homosexuality bill recently passed by Ugandan lawmakers. As the Associated Press reports on Jan. 17, his opposition of the bill stems from his belief that homosexuals are “abnormal” and require a form of economic rehabilitation as he argues that people adopted the gay lifestyle due to “financial inducements.”

In a letter written after Uganda’s parliament passed the strict anti-gay law, Museveni expressed in a letter that the bill needed to be advised because “abnormal” people should not be jailed or killed. Gay rights activists in the country are not celebrating the opposition because what they believe it does is “creates more hatred” and adds more to the negative stigma associated with homosexuality.

In the eight-page letter written to parliament, Museveni wrote:

“It could be that the Western societies, on account of random breeding have generated many abnormal people.”

He also described lesbianism as the “sexual starvation” of unmarried women. His solution is improvement of Uganda’s economy as a way of rescuing young people from homosexuality. Although the Ugandan president refused to approve the controversial bill, his views on homosexuality is still damaging to the county’s LGBT community.