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UGA employee falls from parking deck; Bomb Disposal Unit gets new equipment

Around 9:15 Tuesday morning an employee fell from the South Campus Parking Deck next to the Georgia Center on Lumpkin St. The woman survived her fall and was taken to the hospital for her injuries. UGA Police Chief Jimmy Williams said in a statement that there was no evidence that the woman was pushed, and that the incident was possibly a suicide attempt. It is not known who the employee is or what department that she worked for at this time.

The UGA Bomb Disposal Unit, which serves the University and the surrounding area, took possession of a new Total Containment Vessel Tuesday which would allow them to safely transport most biological, chemical or large conventional explosive devices to a safer location to disarm or detonate them. The nearly 300,000 vessel was purchased with stimulus funds which were pooled from various federal and state grants.

This new system will allow the police to clear an area much more quickly and safely, by allowing for an explosive device to be secured until it is moved to a much safer location to be defused. Several times in recent years the Disposal Unit has been called out to investigate suspicious packages and on August 15th 2008, defused a homemade bomb carried into the Jefferson County High School offices by Andrew Criswell.

Though UGA Police Chief Jimmy Williams said that he hopes the new containment system is never used, it is reassuring to have it if the need ever arises.