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UFTA produces positive ideas for film's and organization's future (Photos)

On Monday, May 12, 2014, the United Film & Television Artists (UFTA) met for their general monthly meeting at Perkins Restaurant in Fort Myers, Fla. Their networking began at 6:30 p.m., and the meeting was opened at 7:15 p.m. by UFTA President Al Quinn.

UFTA logo
UFTA President Al Quinn
Photo courtesy Al Quinn, used with permission

This Acting Examiner was invited to the UFTA meeting. Al Quinn took the time to share about the purpose of the meeting and the future of UFTA.

Al, why did your organization discuss t-shirts tonight?

"We, as a group, wrote, cast, shot, edited… basically produced a short film earlier this year. It's called 'Casting.' Tonight we handed out copies of the film on DVD. We are also planning on creating promotional items, including t-shirts, to give as gifts to the volunteers who worked on the film, and it is a good way to promote our organization as well!"

I saw black and white t-shirts. Were those the samples?

"Yes, we voted on which color to use, and black was decided upon. The organization's logo and the name of the film will be in white. Maybe next time we can do white shirts."

What is your logo?

"Our UFTA logo is that of a grouping of a tall director's chair plus a slate, or clapboard, leaning near the chair. A large movie film can is under them (see photo). UFTA is written above it (spelled out), and we might have the film's name 'Casting' put on the inside back of the chair when used on the shirts."

That sounds good. Isn't there another project you're working on, and is that also tied to the film?

"Yes again. In the future we hope to enter our film at film festivals, so we need a nice poster. Tonight we discussed what kind of image to use. As it stands now we might use an image of a corner in the talent agent's office where we did most of the shooting of the film. It was shot at Protocol Models on the Gulf in Naples, Fla. The corner will be a POV (point of view) as seen by casting people when they cast talent. I like the idea of an 'X' being on the floor, in tape, to indicate where the talent stands. Well, that's our plan right now anyway. Of course below the image will be the credits, and at the top maybe the film's title."

It sounds like you do have a plan, a few of them. I look forward to the final production of both the t-shirts, movie poster and maybe plans for another film? Will the poster be used at IMDb too?

"Of course on all counts, and we will use the image wherever we can. It will kind of be a window to our film. We look forward to future films as well!"

Thank you Al Quinn for sharing about future plans with UFTA. Do you have anything else to add?

"Thanks for asking. Yes, as far as myself, I was just cast in a national Publix (grocery store) TV commercial. I'll keep you posted as to how it goes."

Thanks again Al, and break a leg with your upcoming gig! Readers look forward to more about UFTA, its members and the future of its new film, "Casting."

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