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UFTA President Al Quinn shares status of recent film project (Photos)

On March 16, 2014, SAG actor Al Quinn, out of Fort Myers, Fla., offered to share the latest on a short film that he and UFTA have been a part of.

UFTA Pres. Al Quinn
Al Quinn, Photo: Courtesy
UFTA President Al Quinn shares status of film project
Al Quinn,and others, on set of "Casting," Photo: Courtesy

"UFTA stands for United Film & Television Artists, Inc. and this is a non-profit organization that recognizes and can be of interest to all those in the entertainment industry. Such areas include film, TV, radio, theater, hair and makeup, stunt work, voiceover acting, modeling, writing, production staff, crew, and more.

Our group is heavy with talent in the Florida counties of Lee and Collier, but it's open to all. Al Quinn is UFTA's current president. We meet the second Monday of every month." - UFTA

Al, how long ago was UFTA formed, and how long have you been its president?

"Oh my gosh. I'd have to have the date looked up, but I think our group is about ten years old, and I have been an officer, always president so far, for about half that time, but not consecutively. We've had other presidents and officers as well."

What purpose does this group serve?

"The official purpose is on Facebook. Basically we try and help all those in the entertainment business with ideas of how to better their careers. We do not, however, try and be an agent or manager, but rather guide them on how to obtain one if they need it. In addition, we guide them in other areas as well, such as in obtaining photographs, wardrobe, makeup, castings and auditions, licensed representation, other members to network with, and more."

What is this film project about?

"UFTA, from almost its inception, had the idea of producing a series of short films, one at a time that is, on different topics to help its members. Last year we met and discussed this, producing our first film, and now we have. It is currently in the post-production stage and is called 'Casting.'

Our film is about the dos and dont's of casting (or auditioning) for a film or TV show. Once we obtained the writer, director of photography, equipment, locations (main location was Protocol Models on the Gulf), talent and others needed to create a film we began. We wrapped the shooting of it in February 2014, and now it's being edited. We look forward to entering it into film festivals and of course having our own film premiere!"

Thank you Al Quinn for taking the time to share with our readers. To learn more about UFTA, "Casting," and Al Quinn go to perspective links and enjoy photos in slideshow.

One can also contact Al Quinn at Readers can follow UFTA on Facebook.

Enjoy above video on "Shirley Temple's Hollywood Star."

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