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UFTA officer and actress Carrie Belluso accepts new film role (Photos)

On Jan. 29, 2014, UFTA officer and actress Carrie Belluso announced that she accepted the role of Lucille Bell in the upcoming film "Casting."

UFTA Treasurer Carrie Belluso
Carrie Belluso, Photo: Courtesy
UFTA, Image: Courtesy

Belluso, who resides in Fort Myers, Fla., is the treasurer of the film and TV organization UFTA (United Film & Television Artists).

This talented actress was cast for a part in "Casting" earlier in 2013, but the film had to recast a few of its cast members, and Belluso was one of them. The film begins shooting Feb. 8.

Belluso will now portray faux producer Bell in the film. She is one among many other cast members, and that also includes SAG actor Al Quinn. Quinn is the president of UFTA.

The film just happens to be heavy with UFTA members, but as Belluso said, "For a good reason..."

"The purpose of 'Casting' is to help educate those new in the entertainment business and allow seasoned actors to 'freshen up' their acting skills."

Apparently actors, according to Belluso, are not the only talent needed to shoot a film!

"I know the attention is usually on the acting talent, but we at UFTA know the importance of having a great production team as well.

Ernesto Lasso de la Vega is our director of photography, and I don't know what we'd do without him."

From observations of other films it can be noted that many of them, once shot, just sit in the can on the shelf. Carrie Belluso says UFTA has plans to avoid that.

"Our talented team of cast and crew has already come up with ideas on how to promote this film, and that includes to enter and win film festivals.

Our plans for all the above have already been put into motion even before the film is shot!"

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