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UFTA announces upcoming meeting and special guest speaker at Perkins (Photos)

On Feb. 21, 2014, the United Film & Television Artists (UFTA) announced that their next meeting will be on Monday, March 10 at Perkins in Fort Myers, Fla. off U.S. 41 and Crystal Drive.

on set of "Casting"
on set of "Casting"
UFTA, Image: Courtesy

UFTA President Al Quinn shared about the meeting location.

"Due to some of our members and guests attending our meetings straight from work, we have opted to meet again at Perkins Restaurant & Bakery so everyone can have the choice to eat something before the meeting begins at 7 p.m. Beverages (one each) are on the house by UFTA."

Al, what is the news about having a special guest speaker?

"I'm not at liberty to say his name yet, but a film producer is suppose to be our special guest the night of March 10. He will be the evening's speaker, and his topic will be about a film project he is part of."

Is he a local producer?

"No he isn't, and he's traveled quite a ways in order to 'work' on the film project. I'm sure all of us will be excited to hear what he has to say. I'll contact with updated news on the producer, his project and plans."

I understand that you and UFTA have your own film project in the works. Is that true?

"Yes, we just wrapped our film "Casting" earlier this month. We were working on the idea of it for years and worked all of 2013 on its pre-production including the script, casting for it, scouting locations (Protocol Models on the Gulf) and more. Now it's in post-production and can be found at IMDb."

Thanks Al Quinn for letting us know about the meeting and guest speaker. I'm sure UFTA members, and anyone else in the entertainment industry, will be happy to hear about this.

For more about UFTA, its members and "Casting" click at various links. Also enjoy above video on "Iron Man: The Balancing Act of Working in China."

Note, there will be a confirmation update on UFTA's upcoming guest speaker.

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