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UFOs over Milan Italy & during US July 4 fireworks displays: What do they want?

UFOs put on quite a show over Milan, Italy on Sunday, July 6, and during Fourth of July fireworks displays in the United States. They obviously want to be seen. Other than the fact that they exist, what else do they want us to know?

To the “Pole Shift informed,” UFO displays like these over a heavily populated areas come as no surprise.
To the “Pole Shift informed,” UFO displays like these over a heavily populated areas come as no surprise.
Antonio Urzi Simona Sibilla
UFO over Eugene, Oregon, on Fourth of July
Wing Makers
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In the skies over Italy, on Sunday, July 6, a squad of UFOs put on a fantastic show for the residents of Milan. UFOs glowed, and shimmered, and danced in the skies for more than 9 minutes, captured on video by Antonio Urzi Simona Sibilla. In the video, you can see the UFOs shapeshift and cavort in the Milan skies, at times some say, looking a lot like angels.

Scott Waring, UFO Sightings Daily, said, “It looked like a group of glowing energy entities looking down on Milan."

To the “Pole Shift informed,” UFO displays like this one over the heavily populated city of Milan, and the sightings witnessed by so many in the United States on the night of the Fourth of July, come as no surprise.

As those with eyes to see and ears to hear know, time to the pole shift is short. This is not the first pole shift Earth has experienced, nor will it be her last. Mother Earth’s scars from previous passages of Planet X (Nibiru) can readily be seen on world maps. The pole-shift scenario repeats about every 3,657 years, when Planet X (Nibiru)’s orbit takes it through our solar system. And, guess what, the 3,657 or so years since its last visit are just about up.

ZetaTalk prediction, UFO sightings will increase:
As far back as 1995, the Zetas of ZetaTalk predicted that UFO sightings, including mass sightings, would increase as the time of the Pole Shift neared. The Zetas also said "telepathic broadcast messages would accompany these UFO displays," with Pole Shift warnings transmitted directly to the populations below.

It would appear that sightings and video captures are on the uptick.

In New Zealand in April, crew members from Australia's TV production "Colour In Your Life" series, captured sightings of two UFOs hovering over Queenstown. They discovered the UFOs in the footage as they were editing it. In Pennsylvania, two Altoona city residents watched and captured a video of a glowing red object as it hovered over the city at 10:45 p.m. on June 30.

On the Fourth of July this year, UFO sightings were witnessed by many people all over the United States. The UFOs appeared at a time when all eyes were on the skies-- that is, during fireworks displays. As a result, many of these UFO sightings were captured on video and later posted on YouTube.

  • California: A red glowing UFO was seen and video’d by two separate families in Chino on July 4 (Video 1 and Video 2)
  • California: Two red UFOs sighted during fireworks show in Camarillo, July 4 (Video 1 and Video 2).
  • Colorado: Denver residents spotted three glowing UFOs on 4 July, while watching fireworks (Video).
  • Colorado: Also in Denver, four UFOs were spotted over a Coors Field stadium on July 4; they would appear then disappear, then reappear following each other in formation (Video).
  • Illinois: A family watching fireworks on July 4 captured a video of UFOs in Yorkville.
  • Oregon: A red glowing UFO was seen in Eugene on July 4 (Video).
  • New York: Glowing red UFOs showed up in New York City on July 4 (Video 1), (Video 2), and (Video 3 - Long Island, NY).
  • North Carolina: In Hemby Bridge around 10 p.m., a glowing UFO moved silently over a neighborhood as a family was watching fireworks (Video).

Do you think the occupants of these UFOs are purposely positioning their craft, not only to be seen by the masses, but captured in photos or on video as well? If so, why are they doing it?

Think about it. As they say, timing is everything.

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