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UFOs of the Mind


Most people think of UFOs as a relatively recent phenomenon. It is true that UFOs didn't become a page-one item until just after World War Two, although even during the war military planes chased and were chased by what were then called 'foo fighters'. The supposed crash of a flying saucer in Roswell, New Mexico in July of 1947 really brought the UFO phenomenon to mass consciousness, and since then people have been fascinated by them, particularly the question of whether they were really visitors from space or some kind of mass illusion. But few people have bothered to asked another question; what if they were real but they weren't visitors from space?
One of the people who have asked that question is Jaques Vallee. He's a French UFO investigator who was the model for Lacombe, the character in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. He believes that there's just too much evidence and reports by highly reputable people, like airline pilots, to believe that UFOs are just a product of suggestion or mass hysteria. However, he believes that they aren't necessary from another planet piloted by little green men. The great Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, also felt that they were a real phenomenon, but a phenomenon of consciousness, and were not necessarily spaceships from another world. Few people realize that the seeing of strange sights in the sky didn't just start in the year 1950. Well over a hundred years ago people reported seeing giant mechanical-looking devices in the sky, long before the Wright brothers even flew. One of the things Jung pointed out was the fact that UFO sightings tended to rise at times of great world stress. For example, the great wave of sightings in the 1950's coincided with the development of nuclear weapons and the threat of their being used to wipe out all life on Earth.
Now, it is possible that these UFOs might have been actual visitors from a world more advanced than out own, who were alarmed by our development of weapons that we didn't seem to know how to control, and which might even have posed a threat to themselves. But this doesn't account for some aspects of the UFO phenomenon, such as the fact that is also associated with psychic phenomena in same cases, as Jung points out. It's also possible that they did indeed have something to do with beings from another world or even another dimension, perhaps even our own future, who saw the danger we were in and wanted to do something to help us avoid destruction, but didn't want to directly intervene. If anyone has seen Star Trek, it's like the prime directive, which didn't allow Kirk to interfere in the affairs of another civilization ( a directive which he was known to ignore on more than one occasion). While this is all just speculation, and we may never know the truth, it is comforting to know that somewhere out there E.T. may be looking out for us.