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UFOs and Washington D.C.; a UFO history lesson

Ever since the very well known UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico during the summer of 1947, it seems as if the United States Government has been doing everything possible to convince Americans that there is no evidence of the existence of Alien space crafts or extraterrestrials themselves.

The U.S. Government has gone to such lengths to persuade the American public that there are no UFOs that according to ufologists they have created "shadow government" organizations designed to cover up any evidence of sightings, crashes or other phenomena.

One of them being the "Majestic 12" was put together under the Truman Administration after the Roswell crash of 1947. The Majestic 12 consisted of twelve men who were to deal with the Roswell incident and others that followed. President Truman was very concerned as to what would happen if the rest of the world found out about what really happened. One theory was that if the Soviets were to get wind of the events at Roswell, it would become a national security issue.

Another secret government group that began in 1947 was known as Project Blue Book. This covert group was the government investigation team that studied UFO phenomena until it was disbanded in the fall of 1969.

Then of course there is the issue of the "Men in Black" that seem to secretly pop up when it appears that a U.S.citizen has found out too much on the subject of extraterrestrials. The rumours are numerous from threats to actual mysterious deaths following visits from the Men in Black. It is imperative that eyewitnesses stay silent and the Men in Black see to it that this is understood.

Ironically, one particular incident that has been well documented is the 1952 UFO sightings in Washington DC, also referred to as The Washington Flap. According to MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, the UFO sightings took place from July 12th through July 29, 1952. There were various reports from air traffic controllers at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, and from Andrews AFB as the UFOs were being tracked on radar. Even with the proof being in the pudding, as there were many witnesses to corroborate that this was, indeed, truly happening, the Air Force held a conference on July 29th that seemed to quell any questions by the media and to the general public about the Washington DC UFO Flap.

The American people may never know for sure what the United States Government really knows or believes to be true about extraterrestrials, but one thing is for sure. The Government has gone to a great deal of trouble to convince this nation that there is nothing going on. Perhaps they are trying a bit too hard. ~Until next time, Happy Hauntings! ~Traci Otake, Los Angeles Paranormal Examiner

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