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UFO videotaped over Jerusalem by multiple witnesses

The Internet is buzzing about videotapes of a UFO over Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. The alleged sighting took place on January 28. It is worth noting that a panel of UFO experts addressed the fifth annual Global Competitiveness Forum (GCF) which ended in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia just three days earlier. "The Dome of the Rock is an important Islamic shrine and Jerusalem landmark located on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem." [Wikipedia].

Adding strength to this UFO story is that at least three different videotapes of the sighting have been posted on YouTube. Two of the videos appear to be from a similar location by different people. A third seems to have been taken much closer from a different angle. Timing of the descent, hovering, and final ascent, of the UFO light over the Dome of the Rock Temple, matches very closely between these videos.

Speculation continues that the alleged incident was a hoax. But as videos from multiple witnesses surfaced, possible alternative explanations for the event became more challenging. Even initial disbelievers are now taking a second look. The following links offer several ways to view the incident:

1. Close-up: "2nd Jerusalem Dome of the Rock Temple Mount UFO video surfaces from 01/28/2011"

At 21 seconds into the video, a UFO 'light' appears to have descended and hovers over the Dome of the Rock. After about 23 more seconds (44 seconds into the video), the UFO light shoots upward.

2. Side-by-side: Two videos taken from a similar location are synchronized and posted side-by-side.

The UFO light is seen at the top of the screens higher in the sky and then begins to descend at 23 seconds into both videos. After 9-10 seconds of descent, the UFO stops and hovers above the Dome of the Rock at 33 seconds into to video. At 54 seconds there are two flashes of hazy light and the small bright 'UFO' light shoots upward at incredible speed.

3. Zoomed and slowed: One of the videos taken from a distance was used for zooming-in and slow motion viewing. The music used was not part of the original videos.

More witnesses are being sought in relation to the Jan. 28, 2011 Jerusalem UFO sighting. But controversy is sure to continue over the authenticity and meaning of the incident, including if it was a message or gesture from an extraterrestrial intelligent civilization.