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UFO sightings up 13% in April over last year – many in Ontario

The Mutual UFO Network has reported that the site received 741 UFO sightings reports during April 2014. There were 622 reports in the U.S., 31 from Canada and 21 from the U.K. MUFON also noted that sightings have increased 13 percent over April 2013.

UFOs of various kinds were spotted over Ontario skies in late April.
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The April 2014 UFO reports in Ontario wind up with sightings in Grimsby, Toronto, Newmarket and Timmins.

A stationary black triangle-shaped craft was spotted over Grimsby on April 22 at approximately 1:15 a.m. According to the MUFON report, the witness first noticed “three LED-type lights.

”It was hovering in the air for almost a minute,” the witness noted. “Halfway through the colour changed from blue to red. Then from red it turned to burgundy. Finally it went from burgundy to the same colour as the sky.”

On April 23 at about 10:35 p.m., four people in Toronto saw six objects that were described as “flat and round.” According to a UFO Sightings report, the witnesses had gone to the observatory at York University. As they were about to leave, they looked up and saw the objects “flying low and steady in perfect unison.” One of the witnesses added that they appeared to almost be “floating but flying at the same time. There was no noise! Nothing!”

Admitting to be a skeptic, this witness first though it could be geese flying in formation. However, “they were illuminated almost from underneath… Within less than maybe 15-20 seconds, they were gone. Really, really creepy!

On April 27 at approximately 10 p.m., a Newmarket resident saw a triangular-shaped object with seven “dim, white circular lights on the leading edge.” According to the UFO Sightings report, the witness was sitting outside in a hot tub when the lights were noticed, “moving following a major road” and “flying lower than commercial aircraft.” It “crossed the horizon in about 5 seconds” and made no noise.

On April 28 at about 10:15 a.m., a Timmins resident experienced a daytime sighting of a disc-shaped object. According to the MUFON report, the witness had just left a mall and was going to his car when he saw the object reflecting the sun in a clear blue sky.

”I first thought it was the moon but then I realized it was too small. It looked like a shiny finger nail in the sky.”
He got into his car and took a second look but the object “blinked out… It truly was amazing.”

UFO sighting over North Bay, Ontario, Canada

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