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UFO sightings over UK, earth changes, and coming Pole Shift: En garde UK

What's the connection between the major earth changes in the UK, the Pole Shift, and UFO sightings in UK skies? Why are UFO’s seen so often over the UK? What's triggering these "observations by outside interests”?

Why are UFO’s being seen with such regularity over the UK? Is there something going on there that might trigger observations by “outside interests”?
Why are UFO’s being seen with such regularity over the UK? Is there something going on there that might trigger observations by “outside interests”?
UFOs over UK in Feb 2014
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The month of February has been disastrous for the UK. As the earth wobble intensifies, so too do the calamitous events transforming the landscape, like sinkholes, collapsing buildings, erratic weather, mini-tsunamis, and more. It would appear that events of this type are even attracting UFOs.

On a February night, an amateur astronomer in the UK was taking pictures of the moon from his backyard. As he was doing so, a glowing, flickering, and moving light to the right of the moon caught his attention, so he zoomed in on it. He'd been using a tripod, so his camera is focused about 90 percent of the time and shaking is eliminated. At first the UFO shows a square shape, but when seen at full zoom, it takes on various shapes and changes colors as it rotates in the night sky. (Video)

The 3 minute, 25 second video was posted on the MUFON site on Feb 18, 2014. It also shows other UFO sightings.

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Today, reports of sightings come from all over the world in a variety of ways. At this point in time, it is next to impossible to conclude that the phenomenon of visitations and abductions is anything but “real.” There are thousands, if not millions, of reports from those who have not only seen a UFO and captured video or pictures of it, but who have also had physical contact with its occupants. These accounts come from all elements of society.

Take a look at the long list of earth wobble catastrophes in the UK for February:

  • Collapsing buildings in London and Chatteris not only sent debris down on cars, but in one instance, also killed a taxi driver.
  • Explosions blasted a battery plant in Darlaston (twice Jan and Feb) and flattened houses in Clacton, Essex.
  • Underground explosions and exploding pavement in Isington, Shrewsbury, and Humberside blew manhole covers out of the ground and shut down power.
  • King tides and mini-tsunamis crash down on the coastline as the widening Atlantic Ocean sloshes about. They not only damage buildings, but have also washed people on or near the shore, out to sea.
  • Green fireballs light up the skies.
  • Land cracked open or slid down in Devon, Dorset, and Dundee, where one recent landslide split a Cornish village in two.
  • Loud booms were heard in Wrawby and East Yorkshire.
  • Sinkholes opened in Lowestoff, Burnley, Wycombe, Greater London, Ribon, High Wycombe, Wallington, and Kent, and in Gravesend, sinkholes are threatening 50 coffins in a cemetery.

And last, but not least (for today anyway), earthquakes have been rattling the Bristol Channel region, and in New Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, also know as "the earthquake capital of the UK," there has been an earthquake a day for the past two months. There have also been sea quakes in the Irish Sea and land cracking and collapsing in Scotland and Ireland, and a whole lot more.

This list is by no means complete, and the month is not over. These earth changing events happen daily now. The tectonic plates of the world are on the move, big time!

Is it any wonder that UFOs have come to see the "greatest show on earth"?

As far back as 1995, the Zetas of ZetaTalk stated that UFO sightings would be on the increase, including mass sightings, as the time of the Pole Shift neared.

Current UFO displays in the sky involve multiple UFOs that pulse and move around at rapid rates of speed, sometimes in formation with each other and sometimes not. Mass UFO sightings have become the norm all over the world. Remember the New Year’s Eve 2014 mass sightings?

As can be seen from the list, things are heating up dramatically, in more ways than one. The closer we get to the Pole Shift, the faster earth changes take place and the more UFO sightings reported.

Even the main stream media is now reporting UFO sightings with a "straight face."

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