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UFO sightings on New Year's Eve were plentiful over northern California

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UFOs were spotted by many over the California sky on New Year’s Eve, as reports came from various locations of lights appearing in a triangular shape. Did visitors from another planet come to see the folks on Earth ring in a new year?

That’s a question people are asking today, suggests 14U News on Jan. 3. Many people in northern California reported seeing the lights and they weren’t fireworks or planes, as the people reporting these sights ruled out.

One of the many folks who were dazzled by the unexplained lights in the sky was Steve Brown. He reports that the lights were so bright that they could actually see them shine through an area of forest in Sacramento. Another witness reports seeing the lights over Auburn. Hans Mauth said the lights approached his area slowly.

Reports came in from Stockton from Kaye Pinlac who actually captured the light image on his iPhone. He describes “six bright orange color lights.” They were flying in formation making a diamond or triangular shape. The sight was “weird” said Pinlak.

No one knows what the UFO was on New Year’s Eve, but one thing is for sure, there were way too many people who saw this to say it was just a plane, fireworks, weather balloons or even those flying lanterns mistaken for an UFO.

Did aliens visit the planet to celebrate the beginning of 2014? Or did every one see something the government was testing out over the skies of California?