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UFO sightings continue unabated for Oshawa resident

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Paul Shishis – the human UFO magnet – has had even more UFO sightings, this time on August 28, 2014.

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He was outside his workplace in Scarborough, Ontario taking a break when he spotted a strange white object.

“I was on an afternoon break outside in our parking lot facing east,” Shishis said. “After about near 10 minutes of sky watching, once again high in the sky just southeast I could see a white slow, near stationary object.”

Always with camera at hand, he began taking photographs at approximately 3:15 p.m.

“As I filmed the one UFO, I saw another one lower in the sky.”

Shishis said one of the objects was round and was visible for about 10 minutes. The other one was longer and could be seen for only a couple of minutes. He continued to take pictures for more than eight minutes, until he lost sight of them.

“Once again I witnessed them in the same area of the sky and near the same time as previously. Now really, what are the odds once again in the timing?” he asked.

Later, Shishis said a “loud chopper came low over our roof here at work.” He added that it appeared to be a “loaded big bird.”

Shishis would like to extend a special thank you to MG for picture enhancements.