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UFO sightings by state: Where are you most likely to spot a UFO?

Where are the most reported UFO sightings in the United States?
Where are the most reported UFO sightings in the United States?
Photo by P199 via Wikimedia Commons

If one is looking for an area most likely to provide some UFO sightings, it seems that New England and Washington state may be the best bets. Apparently Wednesday was National UFO Day, and that led to break down the states with the most UFO sightings per capita. Did your state make the list?

The states with the highest reported UFO sightings according to Vox and records from the National UFO Reporting Center include Maine, Vermont and Washington. It seems that Alaska, Oregon, Montana, New Hampshire, Arizona and New Mexico report a high number of sightings compared to other states as well.

When do most UFO sightings occur? According to a chart from The Economist, it is the evening hours, or as they termed it the “drinking hours,” when most sightings take place. Granted this would be the most logical timeframe where people would be out and see something suspicious in the sky. The chart indicates that between 8 and 10 p.m. seems to be the peak.

There do definitely seem to be some patterns when it comes to UFO sightings throughout the United States. Those anxious to spot some suspicious activity in the sky themselves now know to hightail it to Washington and to focus on those evening hours.

Those who are curious may want to hit up the National UFO Reporting Center database listing the details of the UFO sighting reports they have gathered. It certainly makes for some interesting reading. The concept of UFOs sightings, and the suspicion by many that they are connected to beings from another planet, remains a fascinating one for many people, that much is clear.