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UFO sightings across US on New Year's, from Carolina to California

New Year's proved to be a hotbed of UFO activity across the United States, it would seem, because unidentified flying object websites lit up with reports of observances, even as mass UFO sightings in California (recounted by The Inquistr on Jan. 2) made the local news in that state. But California wasn't alone as witnesses in Arizona, Oregon, North Carolina and other states made reports about strange lights in the night skies. Nor was the Hollywood Hills video posted in the early minutes of the new year (Jan. 1) the only video taken of UFOs on the first day of 2014.

UFODI posted a video of a UFO sighting over Rio Rico, Ariz., early into the new year. However, the footage would be taken over 20 hours later, around 10:35 p.m. According to the description, the videographer noted that they and some relatives "saw red/orange bright lights in the sky. We realized it wasn't stars nor an airplane because of the way they moved around the sky. We believe it was an Unknown Flying Object "UFO". We started recorded knowing that people might not believe us."

It is difficult to tell what the video captured but most UFOs are usually explained away by the coincidental presence of familiar objects (that look unfamiliar at night or in certain circumstances), such as flares, balloons, floating lanterns, and regular aircraft.

The Hollywood Hills video, which was taped a few minutes after midnight on New Year's Day, shows a bright, glowing orb and what looks to be at least two other dimmer orbs stretched across the sky in a triangular formation.

UFOs were also seen in Greensboro and Raleigh, N. C., according to MyFox8 out of Greensboro. According to, two sightings occurred in the early morning of the new year in Hendersonville (about 100 miles west of Charlotte) as well.

In a constantly updated listing of UFO sightings, on Tumblr posted a number of New Year's Day reports from various sources. As many of the reports in California referred to a set of at least five lights, there were quite a few that reports where people witnessed "black triangles" or three glowing orbs or lights moving in a triangular formation. These were seen in Texas (where five lights decreased to three), Nevada, and Oregon.

Other UFO sightings early in the new year included a glowing orb in Pennsylvania and another in Missouri.

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