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UFO sighting: Triangular formation spotted over Sea of Cortez

UFO sighted over Sea of Cortez
UFO sighted over Sea of Cortez / Dan

A couple in San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur sighted a UFO over the Sea of Cortez on Tuesday night. According to a March 12 report by the UFO World News. The unidentified craft was sighted by a husband and wife team while they were outside looking at the stars. The couple described the lights as looking like three bright stars forming a triangle in the sky.

At first the couple assumed the triangular formation of three bright stars were part of a constellation, but soon realized these bright stars had not been there in prior nights and could not be part of constellations in that part of the sky.

As soon as the couple realized that the stars could not be part of a constellation, the lights slowly began to fade out of sight. According to the witnesses, the lights took about five seconds to fade out of sight completely.

The lights did not reappear. They seemed to vanish from sight leaving the witnesses wondering exactly what they observed in the skies over Baja, CA

No explanation for the lights has been found at this time.

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