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UFO over wildfire recorded by news crew filming forest flames: UFO or bolide?

A UFO sighting is making headlines today. An unidentified flying object was recorded by a Canadian news crew during a wildfire. Cameras were documenting firefighters' efforts to extinguish the blaze, but they wound up with more on video than they expected. The news crew was actually filming footage of a forest fire in West Kelowna, which is located northeast of Vancouver. What they got was a split second of video showing a UFO erupting from the clouds above a mountain, according to The Huffington Post.

UFO spotted in video footage from Canadian news crew

The UFO footage showing the strange sight was subsequently posted to YouTube last month. As of Aug. 17, 2014, the video had already received tens of thousands of views and dozens of comments. Among the most interesting of those comments were the ones with a plausible explanation for the UFO. Could it actually be a bolide? YouTube user Bud Ekins thinks so.

"Its [sic] going at a slightly downward angle so it probably is a bolide. Although Canada can hold its own against the likes of Mexico and Brazil when it comes to UFO cases - this particular footage is probably a bolide - you can see particles coming off its back as it travels."

However, YouTube user Joe Edwards doesn't think the UFO is a bolide, or a flying insect for that matter, but he doesn't venture a guess about what he thinks it could be.

"It seems to go behind the trees though, I notice a lot of so called UFO footage is nothing but an insect close to the camera zipping by, but I don't think that's what it is in this case.. That large object was going way, way to [sic] slow to be a bolide, plus there's no tail streaking behind it, and it just disappears before it gets to the other cloud. That little bit of a tail like stuff is just the cloud it just went through, you can see it wear off just before it disappears."

Just today, another YouTube user who goes by the handle Steeljaw Jones revealed that he spotted a similar sight on his way to work in the wee hours of the morning.

"I seen [sic] something similar a [sic] 3:20 am going into work one mourning [sic] south of hwy 70 in St.Peters Mo.. Moving just above the horizon going east. This was the fastest moving object i [sic] have ever seen. Lasted aprox. [sic] 15 secs. and then it was just gone. Didn't crash or explode, just gone. Only UFO related object i [sic] have ever seen."

The UFO Conundrum is another YouTube user with a down-to-Earth explanation for the UFO footage.

"My only guess would be a very small fast spotter plane. I was a firefighter for 8 years and they have small planes go right behind the big tankers to make sure they hit their targets. I do admit it doesn't look like a plane but thats [sic] my guess because i [sic] didn't see the spotter plane and there's always one. "

As the Canadian news crew recorded firefighters' efforts to extinguish the blaze, the camera also caught images of a UFO emerging from the clouds above a mountain, dragging "a wisp of cloud with it as it exited," according to Castanet. The person who discovered the snippet of UFO footage nestled within video of the forest fire offered the following detailed description of events:

"Shot out from the clouds above the mountain during a forest fire near our nieghbourhood [sic]. It pulled a wisp of cloud with it as it exited.

A forest fire broke out on the mountain behind us and during the attempt to put it out, this event took place.

I was watching a video online of the fire from a little earlier in the day and i [sic] spotted the UFO 37 seconds into the video. I have no idea whether anyone else has noticed this or not. Most folks would be focused on the fire.

37 seconds into the video the UFO comes shooting out from a cloud right above the mountain and passes through a clear spot back into the next cloud. I was quite startled and surprised when i [sic] saw it.

The UFO left a thin trail of cloud vaper [sic] as it exited the cloud. This, to me, eliminates any thought that this might be a camera lens artifact or light phenomenon effect.

The event lasted only a couple seconds. Judging by the distance i was from the object it had to have been moving very fast. The scene cuts away while the UFO is still visible. I’m left to assume that there must be more footage of it than i saw.

I phoned the website’s news department to ask if it would be possible to see the full footage, but was met with disapproval. In retrospect, perhaps i [sic] shouldn’t have mentioned the word UFO. (lol)"

What do you think? Was this a UFO, an insect, a bolide or something else entirely?

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