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UFO over Toronto, New York prompts panic, conspiracy theories

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A UFO sighting over Toronto and in New York over the weekend caused a storm of panic from locals. And along with the news of another unidentified flying object comes a slew of conspiracy theories and allegations of government cover-ups, citing a July 28 Huffington Post report. Lions and tigers -- and maybe drones? Oh my!

In the skies over the cities of Toronto and New York a strange flashing light appeared Saturday night. According to witnesses, the UFO flew high above buildings, and hovered for a time. People caught off guard by the strange objects snapped images and took video footage of the illuminated orbs high in the sky.

When the strange lights appeared in the night skies, locals took to social media and sounded the alarms. A post on Twitter about the Toronto UFO read:

Strange light spotted up in the sky in willowdale. What's going on?! #strangelight#ufo #toronto

— Jacky Au Duong (@jauduong) July 27, 2014

Another person reported on the New York UFO with this tweet:

UFOs, drones or kites What's behind these strange flashing lights spotted over North York?

— CTV Toronto (@CTVToronto) July 27, 2014

A closer look at the two minute video shows a string of lights -- evenly spaced dots -- that appeared as a laser projected towards the object over Toronto. Some spooked gazers even called police.

Despite the heavy volume of reports on UFOs over decades of reporting, not one has proven that extraterrestrial life exists. Not even the infamous Area 51 has shown that space objects -- allegedly captured by the U.S. government -- have yield an iota of evidence that there are visitors from outer space.

Still, many are not convinced and hold fast to their beliefs in ET. Skeptics point to NSA spying, government/amateur drones, and a host of other conspiracies.

On occasion, flying objects like the UFO over Toronto and New York were proven to be nothing more than Chinese lanterns.

What say you about this latest sighting of a U-F-O?


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