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On 16 May 2014 I was returning from a Father and Son’s church outing and I decided to take the back roads home in order to try my new dash/helmet cameras. As I traveled down the road I spotted a blinking light either on the lake or possibly hovering over the water near the Roosevelt Lake Marina. It did not appear to be a boat. It started rising up in the air, and I figured it must be a helicopter dipping water from the lake for fighting a nearby forest fire. However, I was coming down off the mountains and there did not seem to be any smoke on the horizon. I put my camera on the light and started the video while I continued down the road.

The aircraft or UFO (because it no longer seemed to be a conventional aircraft) accelerated from the vertical position headed towards me. Within seconds it was passing over me, and I was so engrossed in trying to identify the aircraft that I almost ran off the road. That is when I lost track of the UFO, and when I recovered control of the car, the craft was gone.

I realized I had just witnessed an extraordinary vehicle event, and I had it on video. It did not dawn on me just how fast this UFO was until I got home and did some GPS coordinates comparisons and could estimate the distances involved. Since the light appeared fairly close to the Roosevelt Marina, and I knew my precise location, I came up with an estimate of 10.5 miles. Timing the video from when I could see it to the time I lost track of it, I came up with 17 seconds. Here is the math: 17 seconds divided by 60 gives me the ratio of a minute. Divide that result by 60 and you come up with the ratio of time per hour. Now for the speed, according to the maps It traveled approximately 10.5 miles in that 17 seconds. That means it was traveling at an average speed of 2223.54 miles per hour, and that includes the acceleration time. Therefore, it had to have slowed down when it passed over my car.

Here are some interesting observations: There was no hint of afterburners. There wasn’t a sonic boom. In fact, the only noise was me and my car. I could see blinking colored clearance lights when the UFO rose from the lake, but was it one of ours? Or could it be in disguise?

I posted the video on You-tube, but I have the original video footage if anyone cares to analyze a copy to get to the bottom of this mystery. Please, no amateurs, professional inquires only.

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