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UFO hovers above while Maine witnesses report movement on the ground


  • Laz 5 years ago

    While I think it is wrong to cast doubt and aspersions on people who may have credible backgrounds, my problem with all these ufo reports is they are mostly single-source reports and only get reprinted in other forums- no further corroboration. While I think it is important to print these reports, I find it unfortunate there is that lack of corroration and I must therefore maintain some skeptism.

    Oh and some of these reports and pics I have encountered are such clearly misidentified known objects/ phenomenon yet are presented with such awe that it really damages the credibility of any person or enterprise that deals with the subject. Skeptism is validated.

  • mic 5 years ago

    I love the part... "to be honest i was scared shitless and im a good sized guy"... what are you from Alberta or something? haha

  • Dusty R 5 years ago

    This is a very poorly written article LOADED with typos. Also, I looked on a map of Maine and couldn't find "deserted area."

    Care to share the place and the first names of these two?

    Link to the longer version at MUFON doesn't reveal any further information.

  • Profile picture of Roger Marsh
    Roger Marsh 5 years ago

    Dusty - the witness testimony is "unedited

    Dusty - the witness testimony is "unedited" and appears here just as it appears in the MUFON database. Witness locations and names are protected by MUFON - unless the witness wants to reveal this. Thanks for your comments.

  • grizzy 5 years ago

    I try to read all the reports with photo or video and am a believer. But I really want to get to the point where there is a landing that can't be hidden away by the government. Until then I will just continue to read the reports and determine which are real to me and those that aren't real.

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