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UFO has Close Encounter with Jet

Ufo over Heathrow
Ufo over Heathrow
Daily Telegraph

A silvery metallic UFO apparently buzzed a British Airbus A320 passenger jet last July 13 as it was passing about 20 miles west of Heathrow Airport in London, England. The shaken pilot reported after he landed that the object suddenly appeared and approached the aircraft at a great speed, and appeared to be going to hit it, so he took evasive action. Fortunately, the UFO didn't hit the aircraft but missed it by a few feet. An inquiry board that heard the pilot's testimony concluded that, while there wasn't any doubt that the pilot was being truthful, there was no way to prove what the object was, or wheter it was being piloted by extraterrestials. The report stated that 'It was not possible to trace the object or determine the likely cause of the sighting'.

While most people think that UFOs are a recent phenomena, actually sightings of strange objects in the sky go back several centuries. The most recent spate of sightings began shortly after the end of World WarII, when flying objects in the skies began to be seen all over the world, and because of their shape became known as 'flying saucers'. While most scientists at the time tended to debunk these sightings and the individuals who made them, the truth is that the governments of the world were genuinely concerned that these might be craft from another world, and that they might pose a serious threat to the safety and security of planet Earth. Several nations, including the United States and England, established formal commissions to study these objects and determine their true nature (the one in the U.S. was called Project BlueBook). Eventually, it was found that while there were some sightings that could not be explained, it was impoosible to know whether these were actually spaceships from other worlds, and these studies were eventually dropped. But this wasn't the same thing as saying that these sightings couldn't be evidence of life on other planets. After all, there's a saying that if you can find just one black swan, this is enough to prove that the statement 'All swans are white' is false, so if even one of these strange craft is from another world, there may be many more than one. In any event, we shouldn't give up on eventually hearing from ET or one of his more warlike cousins, like the Borg. As a famous science fiction movie from the 1950s once said: KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES!!.