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UFO 'disappears' over Monument Valley (Video)

An extraordinary UFO video, posted to YouTube on May 5, seems to show an unusual, unidentified aircraft gliding through the air in the skies above world famous Monument Valley before it suddenly vanishes, literally, into thin air.

A video on YouTube seems to show a UFO vanishing in the skies over Monument Valley
07TV @YouTube

The UFO video is a clip showing the unidentified flying object as it soars over the towering monoliths worn down by ages of erosion. The UFO appears to be of significant size, is fairly aerodynamic and is of a shape which suggests it's of a, so far, unknown type of design, having strange wings and an ungainly fuselage.

In fact, the object looks like a custom designed, model airplane, although it's of unusually large size and unfamiliar design. It also doesn't appear to make a sound as it glides through the air, with only some unintelligible words from the person taking the video and a strong wind on the audio track as a reference.

The clip spools out in real time on the first run through and, as it ends, the UFO suddenly disappears in a burst of light, leaving a halo as its only trail. The sequence is run again in slow motion and magnified, which only serves to deepen the mystery. What is this thing?

The uploader doesn't leave much in the way of commentary, and not many comments have been left by viewers. Other than to say it's probably a hoax, that the UFO is most likely an RC model and that the disappearing trick is just a video editing special effect.

But, if it is a hoax, it's an extremely good one. The UFO doesn't resemble any known aircraft flying in that area of the country (or anywhere in the world, for that matter) and it really does appear to simply vanish into nothingness.

Click the video to have a look at this mysterious UFO sighting.

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