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UFO crashes into the moon

A UFO, about the size of a car, hit the moon.
A UFO, about the size of a car, hit the moon.

An unidentified flying object has crashed into the moon. It was believed to be about the size of a “reasonably priced” car. According to a February 25 report by The Register, the UFO was traveling at 60,000 mph when it struck the moon.

This incident could be seen with the naked eye, if someone happened to be looking at the moon the exact moment of impact. The explosion was equal to 15 tons of TNT being detonated.

The UFO struck the moon on Sept. 11, 2013. It was seen by Prof. Jose M. Madiedo in southern Spain. He was using two telescopes at the time. At the time of publication, it was unknown why it took so long for the incident to be reported.

The UFO struck the Mare Nubium. That is the dark plain int the third quadrant of the moon. The Mare Nubium consists of about 95,000 square miles.

The Spanish team believes that UFOs strike the Earth as much as 10 times more than previously thought. Because of the Earth's atmosphere, the planet is shielded from such UFOs.