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UFO based religious group organizes 'Swastika Rehabilitation Week'

Artist: Justin Andress

Few symbols in human history evoke feelings as strong as those brought up by the swastika; the symbol is most well known for its representation of Adolph Hitler, The Nazi Party, The Third Reich and all the atrocities committed by them during WWII. However, a UFO group called the Raelian International Movement has declared this week‚—which began last Saturday and will end on July 12—“Swastika Rehabilitation Week.”

The group's goal is to change the symbol from one of genocide and hate back to its original meaning of happiness and luck. The Raelian International Movement itself is dedicated to spreading their belief that the origin and meaning of life stems not from evolution or any singular god but from extraterrestrial beings from the galaxies called Elohim.

Their website calls evolution overly scientific to take place spontaneously and calls belief in an almighty god or other divine higher power irrational. The completely rational and scientific answer here is obviously aliens. The main idea is that scientists from a distant planet created all life on Earth as we know it thanks to their highly advanced technology.

Background of the group aside, because the swastika is so universally known as a symbol of suffering, does it really matter what it meant before that? And why choose the swastika at all? According to Thomas Kaenzig, head swastika rehabilitator, it’s because the swastika was originally given to humans by aliens and “before they can come back, we need to make sure the symbol is rehabilitated.”

The week will end with planes toting banners exclaiming peace and love along with swastikas over cities with large Jewish populations like LA and New York. Since this is very clearly a bad idea, the president of the Jewish Community Center of Long Beach Island in New Jersey criticized the efforts stating that no matter the group's intentions, the image is still horrific for many Jews whose family members were killed in the Holocaust.