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UFO and nocturnal lights recorded on video while camping near Vancouver

A new video reveals how a UFO traveled silently over the treetops by the parking lot of a campground near Vancouver, BC in July, 2010. The video also shows how campground forests were alive with nocturnal lights during a remarkable summer evening.

At the time when the UFO was recorded, two witnesses inside a motor vehicle were observing nocturnal lights in the nearby forest through a night vision monocular. The driver was turning around to get a better look at these mysterious lights when the UFO emerged from behind a nearby tree and slowly moved across the camera frame, disappearing within 10 seconds.

Sound of silence

The UFO was silent and remained so, contrasting with passenger jets that had flown overhead earlier that evening. During those overflights, the jet engines emitted significant audio levels that were easily captured by the camera's onboard stereo microphones and reproduced on the videotape recording.

Both audio and visual evidence suggest that the mysterious object in the video was a UFO. Audio samples of passenger jets flying overhead were recorded earlier that evening while the camera was mounted in the same location using the same microphone and audio level settings.

Difference you can see

These audio reference recordings reveal the unmistakable rumblings of jet engines as the commercial flights passed overheard. On the other hand, no jet engine sounds can be heard during the UFO overflight, only the idling of the engine from the motor vehicle.

A visual comparison between the audio waveform graphics of the jet engine and the UFO reveals significant differences between the two waveforms. It is obvious that the recordings represent two distinctly different audio sources.

The visual study reveals that the UFO's audio profile does not comply with the visual signature of a jet aircraft passing overhead during the recording.

Orbs on video

Recordings of orbs flying through a campsite at night are also revealed in the video using a slow-shutter nightshot infrared camera. The camera was mounted with focus set manually. The orb phenomena were observed flying in front trees and other background objects, some coming within only a few feet of the camera's lens. The slow shutter clearly defines orb motion trails, describing the flight paths of their nocturnal campsite crossing.

Be Supernatural

British Columbia has long been marketed as “Supernatural BC” for a number of very good reasons. Not only does the province offer spectacular natural beauty in the conventional sense, it also harbours significant mysteries, including UFO's, Sasquatch, lake monsters, alien lifeforms and more.

Summer camp Sasquatch

This reporter was witness to Sasquatch phenomena as a young boy attending summer camp in the early 1970's and offers his story in the following first-person narrative:

“During the summer camp, also in the Vancouver region, part of the program involved overnight and multi-day camping trips into the wilderness. Boys stayed in cabins supervised by counsellors, and a number of cabins worth of boys and their counsellors attended this particular overnight event.
A shelter was made with a tarp and rope in a lean-to design, under which the boys slept in a row with their sleeping bags. The group ate a meal and settled in for the night. During the night, I was prompted by nature's calling to rise up and walk some distance from the shelter. The forest was brightly lit by a full moon making it easy to navigate away from direct line-of-sight contact with the camp.

While standing beside a bush, natures call was soon answered, but as I glanced about the area, the profile of a juvenile Sasquatch became visible nearby, not more than 4-5 paces away. The head and shoulders were clearly visible. The face was covered with short dark fur and the eyes were large and inquisitive.

I sensed that it his own way, the Sasquatch was as curious about humans as I had been about them.

Paranormal early interest

At that time of my childhood, as an avid young reader, I was borrowing as many books as I could from the paranormal selection available through the local public library in my community. I had read the available materials describing Sasquatch phenomena and studied the photographic recordings during those readings as well. At the time of the summer camp sighting, I knew the visual characteristics distinguishing Sasquatch from bears and other animals typically found in the local forests.

The silent encounter with Sasquatch late at night in the woods inspired an inner dialogue during which I calmly instructed myself to “act natural”, as if nothing unusual was happening. Breaking eye contact with the Sasquatch, facing forwards and ending the bush session, I trotted quickly back to the campsite, where I entered my sleeping bag and pulled the bag over my head.

Lucid dreaming

I drifted off to sleep and I experienced a lucid dream within which a white-haired “grandfather” Sasquatch spoke to me and gave me instructions. Although the details of that dialogue are lost to time and were, perhaps, inexpressible through the voice of a child, the visual impression remains fresh within my mind.

Upon awaking the following morning, I remember telling my brother details of my sighting from the previous night. However, when asked to comment on these events, my brother tells me now that what I am describing does not reflect his memories of those times.

When the group returned to the base camp, they separated back into their respective cabins. In my recollections, I understood that my brother, upon returning to his separate cabin started telling the other boys what I had said about the Sasquatch. The counsellor for that cabin overheard the conversation, and immediately marched over to the cabin where I was staying.

Gatekeeper aggression

That counsellor burst into our cabin and loudly enquired, 'Whose telling everybody all this Sasquatch bull****?' When I identified myself as the child whistleblower who was exposing the stark truth of Sasquatch phenomena and their interactions with contemporary human beings, that counsellor stood in front of me and boisterously asserted that he had been hiking and camping in British Columbia for 20 years. He aggressively pronounced that during the 20 year period he was describing, that he had never once encountered any evidence of Sasquatch realities. He then menacingly instructed me to speak no more with regards to what I had experienced upon fear of further aggression from him. He denounced my testimony in front of the other boys, calling the Sasquatch reality with which I had entered into contact during the overnight trip, 'bull****'.

It was my earliest public encounter with the CIA's Robertson Panel-inspired tactics used for the suppression of individual free speech in the context of describing culturally sensitive indigenous phenomena for educational, scientific and artistic purposes.

I remember my brother telling me later than this same counsellor was responsible for checking security of the winter area of the camp when the summer program was ending. As I understood it, this counsellor told my brother that while inspecting security in the area, he observed scat upon the ground and upon looking up saw a hairy hominid walking away at some distance.

What would the parents say

He explained to my brother that he didn't mean to attack me personally through his act of hostile aggression. He said that he was more concerned with what parents would think about sending their children to a place where Sasquatch contact was taking place in the forests at night.

In other words (and this may have represented official policy of the camp management and their sponsoring institution) it became clear to me at an early age that Sasquatch phenomena and communications regarding them were considered bad for business.”


  • Harry 4 years ago

    Did Sasquatch make bad touch ?
    We can conclude Sasquatch likes little boys who don't scream !

  • joseyln d. 4 years ago

    I dont get it, half the story is about sasquatches but the tittle is like ufos and lights while camping.
    Doesnt make much sense like ur story.
    sorry jon