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'UFC Unrestricted' on Fuel TV gives a behind the scenes look at UFC 148

According to a Nov. 1 report from MMA Mania, 'UFC Unrestricted' gives a behind the scenes look at all the action of UFC 148.

FUEL TV has produced an unprecedented and exclusive behind-the-scenes look deep inside the intense 36 hours leading up to and through the biggest fight to date in UFC history, UFC 148: SILVA VS. SONNEN II, in UFC UNRESTRICTED.

The one-hour special premieres Saturday, November 10 (1:00 PM ET).

UFC UNRESTRICTED is a multi-camera original that follows the concurrent narratives of the marquee fighters and UFC management and staff as they prepare and ultimately enter the Octagon.

It offers never-before-granted access to these people as they experience the biggest event in UFC history, beginning prior to the historic weigh-in and following them through to the end of the fight the next evening.

The fast-paced show trails Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, Middleweight contender Chael Sonnen, former Light Heavyweight Champion Forrest Griffin, UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz, plus UFC President Dana White, VP of Operations Craig Borsari and Fight Coordinator Burt Watson as they go through their specific job duties associated with the event.

“This is a ground-breaking original concept and production for FUEL TV. UFC UNRESTRICTED is able to take advantage of our intimate relationship with the UFC to deliver the most powerful and deeply personal look at the UFC recorded to date,” says George Greenberg, Executive Vice President and General Manager, FUEL TV.

“It’s the mutual trust and respect between both organizations that was the key to get this kind of unprecedented access and pull this show off. Fans have never had a backstage view to the UFC like this before. You get to see the intimate moments the fighters have before and after their bouts.”

“People don’t realize, there’s a tremendous amount of work that goes into putting on each UFC event,” says UFC President Dana White. “UFC UNRESTRICTED captures what our staff goes through to make things happen, and shows a side of the fighters that viewers have never seen before. It’s intimate, raw and captivating.”

Produced by FUEL TV, and filmed and edited by DLP Entertainment, UFC UNRESTRICTED begins with the Octagon set-up in the MGM Grand, and follows the fighters to the most-attended weigh-ins ever. Included is White’s reaction backstage to the shocking altercation between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen.

The special then follows Silva, Sonnen, Ortiz and Griffin over the next 24 hours in anticipation of their fights, capturing intimate moments with their families, friends and fans. Event day is highlighted by footage of Watson as he leads fighters to their locker rooms and escorts them to the Octagon, a must-see part of the show. Watch the fighters as they experience their victories and defeats, and learn how the UFC staff keeps the show rolling through the post-fight press conference and clean up.

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