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UFC tells Holly Holm's manager that Gina Carano is 'an option' for Ronda Rousey

According to a March 17 report from MMA Junkie, Holly Holm's manager, Lenny Fresquez, said UFC officials told him during a recent meeting that they are looking at Gina Carano as a potential opponent for UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey.

I asked them, ‘Who’s Ronda going to fight?’ They said, ‘She could fight ‘Cyborg’ or fight Gina Carano.’ Those were the couple of other options that they were looking at. But I also know ‘Cyborg’ can’t make 135 pounds, and Gina can’t make 135 pounds, so I know those fights can’t be made for the UFC title.

It had been rumored for close to a month that Carano was being looked at as a potential opponent for Rousey, but UFC officials mostly denied that she was in the mix.

Fresquez is the first to make it official that the UFC brass discussed Carano in a meeting regarding Rousey's next fight.

As for Holm, she too wants a crack at Rousey. But first, her management team is working on hammering out a deal with the UFC.

“Offers went back and forth,” Fresquez said of a deal for Holm. “We already had guidelines of what we were going to agree on and what we weren’t going to agree on. We’re still a little ways (apart) and there’s still a couple of items. We’re very excited about getting Holly into the UFC. It’s just my job to put Holly in the right hands.”

Fresquez says Holm vs Rousey is a UFC "superfight" that needs to happen. He just wants to make sure Holm gets paid what he feels she deserves.

“This is a superfight,” he said of Rousey vs Holm. “This is the biggest women’s fight in the history of any type of women’s [combat] sports. It’s a lot of money involved in this payday. I just want to make sure Holly gets her share.”

Analysis: The UFC hasn't made any official announcement on who Rousey will fight next. In all likelihood, she'll be on the card set for July 4 weekend since most of the other UFC champs are already booked.

Rousey will likely fight either Alexis Davis, Holly Holm, Cat Zingano, Gina Carano or Cris "Cyborg" Santos.