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UFC star Bec Rawlings suffers injury from not wearing female protective cup

Bec Hyatt suffered an injury during Invicta FC 5
Bec Hyatt suffered an injury during Invicta FC 5
Photo by Esther Lin/ Courtesy of Invicta FC

According to a March 9 tweet from Bec "Rowdy" Rawlings, the standout Aussie striker suffered a unique groin injury during her Invicta FC 5 fight against Jasminka Cive, which possibly could have been avoided with the use of a protective cup.

Rawlings, 25, says she locked Cive in such a tight armbar that the Austrian's elbow rubbed extremely hard against a sensitive part of her pelvic region.

"Have you ever armbarred someone so hard it hurty your Kitty? well I diiiiiiid #TrueStory #InvictaFC #WillyBumBum," Rawlings tweeted.

Rawlings' belly-down armbar finished the fight, but she was left feeling sore for days.

Strange as it may seem, Rawlings' case isn't as out of the ordinary as it may seem.

Most female MMA fighters do not protect their groin region with any kind of special protection, even though their fancy lady parts are just as sensitive as their male counterparts.

Analysis: Damage to fighters’ delicate zones has recently become a more pressing, painful, prevalent topic in the MMA community, as there have been several high-profile incidents involving foot-to-groin contact.

Sarah D'Alelio's fight at Invicta FC 6 against Lauren Murphy was stopped briefly due to an illegal, accidental groin strike, and such incidents have been occurring at female MMA events across the globe.

Given that groin strikes can be devastating, even amongst female competitors, why is it that most female fighters opt against protecting their most sensitive area?

The simple answer is that protective groin cups are restrictive and not very comfortable. Cups work well in baseball, when athletes are mostly standing still.

But in sports like MMA, with athletes constantly on the move, a cup could move around and become a distraction.

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