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UFC plans to make all fighters wear standarized uniform

According to a Feb. 13 post from Bleacher Report, UFC President Dana White says the UFC is working on a deal to create an official uniform for all fighters.

"We are. We're working on it," White said. "But nothing yet."

The uniform will include everything from fight shorts to hats, and everything in between.

All fighters will be required to wear the new UFC-branded fight uniforms, even those who are currently sponsored by major apparel companies such as Nike.

White says many high-level fighters have grown weary of the sponsorship game, as its not as lucrative as it once was.

"It's not as big as everybody makes it out to be. Those are the guys that are making tons of money anyway, and they make big money on sponsorship," White said. "The lower level guys? They're not making a bunch of bunch from sponsorship. We just saw the thing go down with Mac Danzig. He said, 'I'm done. I don't want to deal with this anymore.'

"Do you know how many fighters call me and say they don't want to deal with sponsorships anymore? What can you do? It's not as plentiful as everybody makes it out to be."

Analysis: The UFC introducing an official uniform is definitely a good thing for the promotion. All other mainstream sports feature athletes in standardized team uniforms.

Besides NASCAR, sports fans don't see any pro sports that feature athletes covered from head-to-toe in sponsor logos.

The idea of sponsor logos on shorts have always given MMA the feel of a minor league sports franchise. Pretty soon, fight fans won't have to see the Burger King or Dynamic Fastener logo on a fighter's shorts even time the action hits the mat.

This new idea will give the UFC a classier, more professional look.

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