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UFC on VS 1: Predictions

Jon "Bones" Jones
Jon "Bones" Jones
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It is time to make some educated guesses on some of the bigger fights coming up on Sunday night.

Jon Jones vs. Brandon Vera

The main event features light heavyweights Brandon Vera (11-4) and Jon Jones (9-0). Vera undoubtedly has incredible potential that he has shown in the cage and has exceptional Muay Thai skills. Jones is a natural athlete and a ruthless opponent. He is aggressive, where as Vera is more of a cautious counter-striker. Jon Jones has the physicality to dominate Vera, but has to be cautious of Vera's lethal Muay Thai kicks. If Jones can establish his boxing and take Vera down if he needs to, he should win.

Winner: Jon Jones, Rd 2, TKO

Junior dos Santos (No. 7 HW) vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

This fight features two big, bruising heavyweights. Dos Santos (10-1) is an incredible boxer and moves like a welterweight. His ground game has not been tested yet. Gonzaga (11-4) is a powerful grappler and has power behind his strikes. If he can take Dos Santos down to the ground, he could dominate because of his size and power. The only issue is Gonzaga's shape.

Winner: Dos Santos, Rd 3, TKO

Cheick Kongo vs. Paul Buentello

Kongo (14-6-1) is a physical specimen. He is tall, has a long reach, is powerful and fast. Recently though, he has not been fighting to his potential. Buentello (27-11) is a true veteran and is known for his powerful hands. He does not have nearly the weapons that Kongo does, but does have a chance in the punching game.

Winner: Kongo, Rd 1, KO

Clay Guida vs. Shannon Gugerty

Guida (25-11) is an absolute wrecking machine. His wrestling and grappling, paired with his non-stop aggressiveness are difficult for any fighter to match. His wins have been impressive, but so have his losses, which mostly could have gone either way. Gugerty (12-4) is trying to make a name for himself be beating Guida. He seems like a solid fighter, but is not ready for the likes of Guida.

Winner: Guida, Rd 1, Guillotine Choke



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