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UFC fighter commercial: Bizarre message of violence beating up church folk

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UFC fighter’s bizarre commercial is called “absurd,” among other things today, as he beats churchgoers into changing their values. According to Fox News on Dec. 12, Victor Belfort is the force that a church full of people will have to reckon with if they fall asleep, play with their phone or try to leave early.

The UFC fighter terrorizes them when they are taken out of the church and put in a cage with him. He beats values into them with punches and with that the satire is lost and this commercial is nothing short of ridiculous.

Check out the commercial here as Victor Belfort beats values into church folk.

Belfort, who is the UFC’s devout Christian/TRT user, is labeled the “Values Enforcer” and when the church goers do some small sinning, like falling asleep or leaving church early, they are blindfolded, kidnapped and transported by a van to Belfort’s cage.

They get the values beat back into them. So is Belfort doing the work of Jesus, how about the people that run this church? This seems sacrilegious in nature. More than anything else it is just too silly to watch.