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UFC Fight Night 34: Saffiedine vs. Lim: Full card predictions

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 07: (This digital image has been converted to black & white) Mark Hunt punches Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva in their heavyweight fight during the UFC Fight Night event at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on December 7, 2013 in B
BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 07: (This digital image has been converted to black & white) Mark Hunt punches Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva in their heavyweight fight during the UFC Fight Night event at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on December 7, 2013 in B
Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images

UFC Fight Night 34 will be the premier UFC event for the country of Singapore and it goes down on January 4 at the Marina Bay Sands in Marina Bay, Singapore. The UFC will also be debuting their brand new online digital network Fight Pass which allows fans to watch the prelims and the main card free for the next 2 months. Due to the time difference the prelims get started early at 6:30a.m.,and the main card will be shown at 9:00a.m. Enjoy the predictions and UFC Fight Night 34 fight card.

Online Prelims (UFC Fight Pass): 4-2-0

135 lbs. – Leandro Issa (0-0 UFC) vs. Russell Doane (0-0 UFC) – Issa via decision
Issa is a very talented grappler and will likely get the fight to the ground where he can control Doane and work for a submission. Doane will try to keep it standing so he can unload with his strikes. Wrong - Doane via submission

135 lbs. – Dustin Kimura (1-1 UFC) vs. Jon Delos Reyes (0-0 UFC) – Kimura via submission
Reyes is a good all-around fighter with power and technique, but he hasn’t faced anyone like Kimura before. Kimura will be able to strike with Reyes and take advantage once the fight goes to the ground. Correct plus method

155 lbs. – Mairbek Taisumov (0-0 UFC) vs. Tae Hyun Bang (0-0 UFC) – Taisumov via decision
Bang is a great striker with heavy hands and solid grappling, but Taisumov is a great striker as well and he’ll likely counter some of Bang’s attacks with takedowns so he can control Bang on the ground. Correct plus method

135 lbs. – Royston Wee (0-0 UFC) vs. Dave Galera (0-0 UFC) – Galera via submission
Neither fighter is great at striking and both prefer to grappler so expect a ground battle. Wee will probably struggle with the 3 year ring rust and Galera should be able to find openings for submissions. Wrong - Wee via U. decision

155 lbs. – Katsunori Kikuno (0-0 UFC) vs. Quinn Mulhern (0-1 UFC) – Kikuno via decision
Kikuno will have a striking advantage with his power and technique. Mulhern will try to get this fight to the ground so he can try submission attacks, but Kikuno has great footwork and grappling defense. Correct plus method

145 lbs. – Max Holloway (3-3 UFC) vs. Will Chope (0-0 UFC) – Holloway via TKO
Chope is a very tall fighter and uses his long limbs to lock up submissions, but he hasn’t faced the quality of opponents that Holloway has so expect Holloway to come out aggressive with his boxing. Correct plus method

Main Card (UFC Fight Pass): 2-2-0 Total MMA Predictions: 407-227-2 = 64 %

135 lbs. – Kyung-Ho Kang (0-1(1) UFC) vs. Shunichi Shimizu (0-0 UFC) - Kang via decision
Ho Kang is a very athletic fighter that uses his speed and quickness to land takedowns, and once on the ground he becomes very technical with his submissions. Shimizu is also a grappler and will attack with submissions even from standing positions, if even just to get the fight to the ground. Ho Kang will have a slight striking advantage if this fight stays standing, but don’t expect a TKO finish. On the ground it will be a battle, but Ho Kang is the bigger stronger fighter and will likely be in top control. Ho Kang can win this fight whether it stays on the feet or on the ground. Correct (Kang via submission)

170 lbs. – Kiichi Kunimoto (0-0 UFC) vs. Luiz Dutra Jr. (0-0 UFC) - Dutra Jr. via decision
Dutra was the first pick overall for team Noguiera in TUF Brazil 2, but suffered an injury on the show and was replaced. Kunimoto has built a solid pro record of 15-5-2 with primarily his grappling. Neither fighter has great striking, but Dutra will likely be the more aggressive fighter which will give him an edge. Dutra will also likely be the one to initiate takedowns and maintain top control with his heavy ground and pound. Kunimoto has good submissions attacks, but Dutra has solid grappling defense. Dutra will win the striking exchanges and stay in top control for 3 rounds. Wrong - Kunimoto via DQ

145 lbs. – Tatsuya Kawajiri (0-0 UFC) vs. Sean Soriano (0-0 UFC) - Kawajiri via submission
Kawajiri is a very experienced veteran with the level of fighters he’s competed against and truly belongs in the UFC. Soriano is also making his debut, but on short notice due to an injury to Kawajiri’s original opponent. Kawajiri has solid striking, but he typically looks for takedowns so he can work his ground and pound or submissions. Soriano is an undefeated prospect with great striking, takedowns and solid grappling. On the feet Soriano may have a slight advantage with his power and use of kicks, but Kawajiri will also be aggressive. Soriano has great wrestling skills which may cause problems for Kawajiri, but Kawajiri has so much experience that he should find a way to win. Soriano has the skill to pull off an upset, but he hasn’t faced a fighter like Kawajiri before either. Correct plus method

170 lbs. – Tarec Saffiedine (0-0 UFC) vs. Hyun Gyu Lim (2-0 UFC) - Lim via decision
Saffiedine made a name for himself when he won a unanimous decision over UFC veteran Nate Marquardt, but he piled an impressive 13-3 record prior to that fight. Lim was signed by the UFC in the hopes that he would be a KO machine and so far that’s been the case as he’s finished both opponents with knees and punches. On the feet it should be fairly even at first between Saffiedine’s kicks and Lim’s boxing, but expect the power of Lim to eventually take over. Saffiedine should have a slight grappling advantage, but don’t expect Lim to allow any takedowns or willingly go to the ground. Lim will defend takedowns and use his boxing to beat up Saffiedine for 5 rounds. Wrong - Saffiedine via U. decision

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